Optimist in a Nega-MNL

by Monaliza L. Alcaraz

It bothers me that what I am about to discuss is without a doubt larger than myself that I feel like the stress of having to write about it makes my stomach churn. But for the sake of readers who I assume would happen to stumble upon this, I offer you my thoughts.

Come elections, it bothers me that millions if not billions of decisions go to waist by voting for the wrong set of politicians because people lack the education to know the difference between what is right from wrong and instead base their judgements according to who created the most impact and how they feel. I cannot blame them for that. Quality education is a luxury that only a few of the population can afford, and it is important that people who can afford the luxury be able to contribute to society and use their knowledge to do good. Some of them strayed away from this idea by taking advantage of what they know and using it to commit a crime or a felony to ordinary citizens. 

It bothers me that controversy is as fast as bacteria spreading throughout the nation and affecting everyone. Right now, it is mostly about blame for what Janet Lim Napoles and a ‘few’ politicians did to the country’s funds. Wouldn’t it be better if we receive a logical explanation of contemporary events rather than merely pointing to blame for credibility and accountability? For me, it produces clouds in reasoning like a ‘cropped’ idea of some sort. This is so that people wouldn’t be emotionally attached and instead have a clearer picture of what really took place if possible. It is dangerous to toy with people’s feelings especially about having a set of political leaders who follow the footsteps of corrupt officials in the past. But who are we to blame the politicians if we ourselves have allowed them to be mandated as public officials? Sabi nga nila, “Nasa huli ang pagsisi.” 

It bothers me that almost everything that I chance upon in the newspaper or watch on television are events that have a negative affect on everyone’s mood while immersing oneself in a web of current affairs. It is very important to be in the know, but there are times when I feel like enough is enough and that there are times when it is very discouraging to go into the details.

It bothers me that there is evil and that life is unfair for most people who are deeply affected by other people’s wrongdoings. But who am I to judge? Whoever said that life is fair? It is said by no one ever.

No matter what terrible thing is happening now, I strongly believe that there would be a better tomorrow and there would come a time that it would be my generation who is next in line to lead this beloved country of mine. We cannot annihilate evil because I believe it exists in everyone of us whether it entirely consumes ones thoughts, actions and behavior or it remains dormant for the longest time. It is in our freedom that we exercise our rights and by this, we make decisions for ourselves and other times, for other people as well.


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