A whole new world

by Resia Ann Occidental


The Anak Bayan is an organization that fights for strong stands in our present society. They challenge the norms brought up through the years by the people who are elite in different ways whether economic-wise, skills-wise, intellect-wise and so on. They are indeed active in their own way. They are the youth who are thriving and beating to their hearts accord. Honestly speaking, I am expecting an encounter with this organization that is very dynamic, mind-changing, and patriotic. I expect to learn a whole lot more about the Philippines through my engagement with them. I expect to learn things that will enable me to wake up to the reality of the so-called “democracy” in the Philippines.

Before I even expect from the whole experience itself, I shall first know what to expect from myself, like how I should act and behave. First and foremost, what I expect from myself is for me to be more open-minded upon the encounter with this government initiative. I shall respect whatever it is that the other party will tell me. As early as now I should be ready to encounter opinions or ideals that may be partially or entirely different or even against my own personal view. In being part of this initiative to challenge the current democracy in our country means that I have to be courageous enough and that I have to be firm on whatever stand that I will make. My role for this initiative, I believe, is to be an active citizen who will be able to represent what I have in mind, my ideals for the greater good and the development of my nation. 

Moreover, I believe that through this engagement I would also be more engaged to the mass. This will be another form of connection, especially to the marginalized sector. Knowing that the people who are in Anak Bayan came from the different sectors in the society, this will then enable me to know more people, to know more stories, and to know them more personally. In this way, I will have a more concrete image of the world that lies beyond the walls of education. This engagement may mean a whole new world for myself, but it also means new experiences and new insights that will help me prepare for my life both personally and professionally.

To go out of the four hallowed walls of the classroom is to step out of my comfort zone. To go out there entails experiencing the real world, the practical world and not the theoretical one. Through this engagement with the Anak Bayan, I expect to be more critical with the current state of our nation. To not just absorb the information thrown by the media, but to be critical in analyzing them. I know that through this engagement, I have a bigger chance of becoming a better person. eventually, I will be an individual who will know how to stand up with those who are oppressed and with those who are oppressed.



(Photo source: http://zamboangajournal.blogspot.com/2011/10/military-harasses-youth-group-in.html)


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