By Resia Ann Occidental


The concept of being a citizen has been very vague for me at the start of the term. Honestly, I did not give much attention and importance to that term. Through the course Citizenship and Governance I was able to grasp (maybe not all) enough of its context for me to be able to become a better citizen of the Philippines. I can say that now I have a better understanding of what I am as a citizen, and what my roles and responsibilities as a citizen are.

As a citizen of the Philippines, first and foremost, I should be well aware of my rights. In this way I would be able to maximize all of them and be more productive. Also as Dr. Dannug always say, I should possess the 5As in order to be a more effective citizen, I should be: alive, alert, awake, aware, and active. In this manner, I will not be gullible. To be a citizen also means being able to be creative in whatever we are doing, we need to make use of what we have in order to achieve what we want and need.

During the past session, we have discussed what citizenship truly means. Yet for me, these are the aspects that made a mark on my mind: to have a sense of patriotism, to have a seal, to serve, to be intellectual, and to have a heart. For me personally, these are the most important aspects of being a citizen. Of course patriotism, how would we even be interested in becoming a good citizen if we do not value and love our country? I think citizenship should start with this, because if we know how to love our own country, the other aspects would follow. By then we would know how to serve our country with passion, we would find a way to have seals for our identity as Filipinos, and we would know how to represent our country through having enough knowledge about it.

As citizens, we have the right to demand for the things that we know will make us better. We have the right to speak our minds just as long as we do not violate other people’s rights. We also have every right to vote for the people who we think deserve for the position and run this country. In this manner, we would be able to also help those who are in the lower sector of the society. Citizenship also entails representing those who are voiceless in the society, voiceless maybe because they lack material necessities. Nevertheless, citizenship truly holds a strong power. If only everyone knows their rights and how to maximize it, the nation would develop further and the anomalies will be lessened.


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