Be Your Own National Hero.

by Kathleen Gapit

At this point, I think it is obvious that the freedom we think we have as citizens of the Philippine Republic, is not the freedom we actually possess right now at the state of our country and its government. As a citizen and a student, my power is limited to what the society and what my parents tell me to do. My involvement goes as much as reading the newspapers, hearing the news, writing articles about it and commenting about things I deem to be right, hoping that I could open an individual’s eyes to start the change I want to see. I am limited to what I think I can do, but this shouldn’t be a citizen’s limit.

As citizens, it is our responsibility to take care of our country that our ancestors worked for, and even died for. No one really asked us to be martyrs like Andres Bonifacio or Jose Rizal. No one asked us to be a model of change and modernity like Cory Aquino. Instead, I believe being a citizen entails for us to be our own national hero.

What we all have is freedom and creative minds that is waiting to be used for something great. I don’t think we have limits as citizens in actions we want to partake for change, just as long as we do this without hurting anyone and we always think of doing such actions for the common good, and not for individualistic purposes. I think our limits go as far as what our weaknesses are. It is our responsibility to find out what these weaknesses are and turn these weaknesses into strengths that will help shape an individual citizen. Being a citizen entitles you to as many mistakes you can make provided that these mistakes will give you important lessons you can learn from and use it to stand up knowing you won’t commit the same mistakes over and over again.

No one sets your boundaries because you have every right and freedom to do so, just as long as it does not violate the country’s laws, rules and regulations.

Being a citizen entails for you to maximize your freedom.

Being a good citizen, you will always have to think and to act for the common good.


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