I Am The Change

by Kathleen Gapit

The government initiative our group picked is Anakbayan. An organization that addresses the same problem we want to address: to be fully democratic and free. According to the Anakbayan website: “Anakbayan holds the belief that Philippine society today is not truly free nor democratic. It is under the control of U.S imperialism, along with local landlords, big capitalists, and corrupt gov’t officials. The National Democratic Struggle seeks to realize true national liberation for the country and the realization of the democratic rights of the people.”

I believe where they stand is exactly where we do. We really do not have to be part of Anakbayan to be able to make the change. Rather, we are the change. Anakbayan as their own organization, has gotten desirable outcomes with the initiative they are doing, but this is not enough. I want to be able to be immersed and be well-informed with the government initiative (more than what I see in their websites) to know exactly what they do, what exact outcomes they want to get and what they will do with such desirable outcomes in relation to their mission as an organization. Being engaged with Anakbayan opens us, as La Salle students, to engage to new horizons, away from our guarded surroundings studying in the university.

We, as students of a private and prestigious school, are not immersed in the world of activism and going outside of our comfort zone because for us (well, at least for me), we are honed to be the people up there in the society’s triangle, and not the people down there fighting for freedom. I hope that by interacting and listening to everything Anakbayan representatives have to say, I would be able to change such outlook in the future of my life and be able to open my horizons to being the instrument of change and development in this restricted country. I hope I would be able to finally believe that with the right reasons and a fair share of efforts, I can be the change.


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