Outside the Walls

by Resia Ann Occidental


Ever since I was born the people around me, especially my parents, ave guided and protected me as much as they can. If possible even, they do not want me to interact with people I do not know in fear that I might be harmed. However, it is not possible to do such or rather it will be impractical to lock me inside my comfort zone all my life. For one person to grow, one must first experience downfalls in their life. It is also necessary to encounter people who have the same views as yours and those who have entirely different view from yours. In this manner, the level of thinking of the individual will be sharpened, he will be more open to possibilities, and will be more flexible in the long run. 

The engagement with the Anakbayan organization have been inspiring for me. It is really good to know that not all youth are just bumming around, there are those who are really working hard in order to implement the social change that they want. This change is not only for them but also for the people around them. It is inspiring to know how dedicated they are with what they are doing. They give their blood, sweat, and tears in order to achieve their desired income. They have also mentioned about the way they plan when they want to work on something, the first organize meaning they recruit people who are willing to join the Anakbayan, then they educate those people who joined with the current status of the society and the events in the society, then finally they mobilize or put into action their plans.

They are pushing for those who are in the “community” they strive to have them be aware of the things that they need to know in the society for them to be saved from the ignorance because they are too busy working. More importantly what struck me the most was when they said that they tend to recruit the youth because they are “more receptive to new ideas.”

The engagement with the Anakbayan showed me how the youth will not back down easily. They exhibited dedication and commitment to what they are doing. Personally, I admire them for being able to stand for what they think is right and how they want the people to be awakened from the ignorance. People say that the youth nowadays tend to just slack-off and focus more on material things and technology, but this group of young people tend to debunk that argument. There are still those who are hungry to learn and ready to fight for their rights. This just proves that Jose Rizal is not wrong, there is indeed hope in the youth. 


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