Trial and Error

by Kathleen Gapit

What struck me the most about engaging with Anakbayan was when representatives from their organization said that the common mentality of Filipinos would always be: “Nangyayari na eh. Nandun na yun, wala na tayong magagawa.” This is what they want to change in the community.

This. I agree with. I think we’re always stuck with the moment. What has happened will always be something we’d always have to live with. We just have to face the consequences in the near future. Right? Wrong. I think the interview with Anakbayan has shown me the importance of possibilities and trial and error.

Importance of possibilities. What I learned from Anakbayan is that we should never settle with the situation especially when it’s something you really don’t want to be in, in the first place. We can’t just keep on saying it’s a bad situation and not do anything about it. As a nation, we shouldn’t settle for “bahala na” which Filipinos are notoriously known for. We should know what possibilities are at hand. Nothing is impossible with the power of democracy and if we don’t keep trying and if we don’t initiate, we will get to nowhere. We end up complaining to other people who would complain about the same things, but what we need to do and what Anakbayan wants us to remember is that we need to be pro-active and be able to see that our initiative leads to endless possibilities, which may or may be of desirable outcomes, a risk we need to take. Afterall, we are a democracy and exploring possibilities are just one of the privileges that go with it.

Importance of trial and error. The role of Anakbayan is to organize and initiate in being active towards the goal of development. When they organize, they will never be sure about the outcome of such actions, but they still hold on to that bit of hope that this could spark change. They haven’t stopped trying even if a big fraction of the Philippine population already did. This initiative is something I just wish I had while listening to the interviewees. Until now, no desirable change has been seen but none of them think that their efforts are wasted, they will keep trying until they get there. They will keep trying until they fulfill the mission passed on to them by our great Filipino hero, Andres Bonifacio.


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