Youth in Action

The Philippine National Hero, Jose Rizal, has always said that “Kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan.” In these times where anomalies and issues are arising left and right, people seem to just take it as a norm. They tend to play indifferent with it rather than act on it and voice out their opinions. The people who are concerned and awake with the events happening with the government seem to decrease and be more focused on the material aspect and the ever changing phase of technology. Fortunately, this is not the case for the youth who are one with the organization called the Anak Bayan.

Anak Bayan as stated on its website, is the comprehensive and national democratic mass organization of the Filipino youth. This particular organization was established in the 30th of November 1998 in line with the anniversary of Andres Bonifacio and the pre-Martial Law organization named Kabataang Makabayan. This organization seeks to break the walls posed by the status of individuals in the society, it does not look on the persons religion or origin, rather it looks on the person’s virtues and principles that they are willing to fight for. It aims to unite youth from different sectors of the society and fight for democracy in the Philippines. This is open to individuals who are between the ages of 13 to 35 years old as long as they are willing to commit to the Program of the Organization.

This organization believes that:

“…democracy in the Philippines is not the real democracy but it rather controlled by U.S. Imperialism, along with the big capitalists and corrupt officials (”


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The Anak Bayan is a rightful organization wherein we, as students who are eligible, can engage into either partially or totally. As they are pushing for the National Democratic Struggle which aims to realize the true national liberation for the country and the realization of the democratic rights of the people, it is rightful to address the issue of democracy in the Philippines as discussed in the article “Questionable Philippine Democracy.”

As part of what the society views as one of the elite universities in the Philippines, by being exposed to the initiative imposed by organizations such as Anak Bayan, we would be able to prove that we are not only about the paper in our wallets, Pradas, Louis Vuittons,  parties, and make-ups. This is to break the stereotype of elitism which is most of the time correlated with De La Salle University. We are also active citizens of this nation that are ready to fight for our rights and ready to represent those who are in the lower sector of the society. We are one with the mass. This is one way of putting into action the words “La Sallian achievers for God and country.”


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